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Quickly learn the most simple and practical living room with the lights!
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  Living room lighting

  Good living room lights need to be able to meet the needs of various scenes of life, not spend more luxurious look more noble Oh! Xiao Bian today to introduce you to the most simple and practical method of living room with light!

  Living room lighting configuration space

  Living area apartment layout is generally divided into: the main living room TV backdrop + + sofa backdrop. For such a regional distribution, with the most simple and practical light is guest bedroom lamp + Down + + LED lights with small spotlights. Next we look at how to meet the needs of this light with various home scenarios.

  Living Room Lighting Solutions

  Party Mode Solutions - Guest bedroom lamp lights + Down + LED lights under normal circumstances, open the main guest bedroom lamp lighting, using LED lights and downlights as an auxiliary, the living room becomes brighter, and the lights and downlights can create a very warm feeling.

  TV mode solutions --LED lights + TV mode downlight lighting arrangement should pay attention to relieve visual fatigue caused by watching television. Watching TV, the room is too dark to make our eyes tired, but if open the main light, the room is too bright, enjoy a good movie atmosphere will be destroyed. You can now add the background lighting, reduce the brightness difference between the background and the TV. Casual mode solution - guest bedroom lamp + LED lamp in the living room with family leisure and entertainment, only use the main lighting + LED lights on it, a lot of functional lighting can be turned off, just pay attention to color temperature selection, the best regulation of the color temperature of about 4000K, with family members will feel comfortable, I do not feel depressed.

  Beautiful photo wall solutions - spotlights want to decorate with art gallery atmosphere of paintings, it would need to have your paintings as if emerging from the surrounding effect. Recessed downlights installed above the ceiling paintings lit, then adjust the ratio of scheduling, so that you can highlight the degree of decorative paintings, but also reflect the owner artistic taste. If there is a protective glass paintings, we must carefully adjust the irradiation angle, this is to prevent the shadow of the frame appear light projected on the glass.

  So simple and practical living room with the lights do not come quickly GET up?!

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