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Vigilance home light pollution, create a healthy home lighting!
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  A lot of people will get dry eye in the fall, everyone knows, many patients with dry eye because of light pollution caused. The light pollution can not only lead to eye diseases, insomnia and other symptoms, and some even lead to depression, especially for children, light pollution is lethal. And at home, in addition to the use of lighting, including tiles, paint choice will affect household light effect, then how should put an end to the home of light pollution it?

  Status light pollution by urban people

  Almost 99% of households in the selection of lamps, only concerned with appearance and energy-saving lamps and power level, as to whether the question relates to the lighting environment to achieve health standards of how lamp illumination, color temperature size, few people care about. Most consumers indicates the selection of lamps, the main consideration appearance, do not understand what is the color temperature of the lighting design is poorly understood.

  A senior decoration designer said: "A lot of owners do not understand how light, do not know the existence of light pollution can be qualified designer should know all of these, but they are to work smoothly, blindly listen to the views of the owners, which is. light pollution caused by the presence of the main reasons most families. "

  Mistakes caused by excessive decoration light pollution

  Home is a private space, night lights should not be like shopping malls, stores, etc. were as bright as day, household needs more moderate moderate light intensity. But often there are some people deliberately seeking bright brilliant decorative effects, extensive use of chandeliers, spotlights, downlights and other lamps, the result is too bright light on the eye cause a big stimulus, if the decoration also uses a lot of reflective material, it is strongly reflected light hazards to human health is even greater.

  Reasonable relighting more livable

  Healthy lighting should first pay attention to the direction and intensity of illumination, otherwise it gets direct sunlight, will have adverse effects. Can be "relighting" approach, such as the lights reflected off after hitting the ceiling, neither damage the eyes, but also adds a romantic atmosphere.

  Different locations should use different lamps. In general, living room, study, dining room and other space than the brightness of the bedroom, kitchen and other space more strong, indoor clothes should use soft light source. When local lighting, shading and good reading lamp application to block this type of light source contains more infrared radiation.

  We should try to avoid using the reflection coefficient larger decorative materials, such as white and metallic tiles reflective strong, not suitable for large area applications. Light-colored paint on the small visual impact, use beige, beige, etc. instead of dazzling white paint, weakened high-brightness reflective light.

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