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Home socket such equipment, no longer have to strip it!
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  Cable outlet in your home is not always a mess like this, miserable? Not only seriously affect the appearance of the home, but also poses a potential threat to family security issues. Argumentative, or because the original decoration of the time there is no arrangement with switch socket good position, regret.

  Today small will teach you your home in the end the number of sockets to install is Enough?

  First, the entrance

  Reserved Tip: 1

  In fact, the current use is not particularly large, mainly to prepare for the future of smart furniture.

  Switches and living room make the switch at the dual control.

  Also it can be fitted with remote control switch, installed to know how convenient, anytime, anywhere control light switch.

  Second, the living room

  Reserved Tip: 6

  ▶ ▶ TV 2 air conditioning 1 (three holes with switch) on each side of a sofa ▶

  ▶ remaining 1

  ▶ Expert advice: take the ground, set the ground socket, will bring you unexpected results.

  Third, Kitchen

  Reserved Tip: 9

  ▶ smoke machine 1 (three holes with switch) ▶ under a stove (in case of change after electrical stove) ▶ under sink a (small volume can be installed wall-mounted electric heater / garbage shredder) ▶ water edge of the stage 1 a ▶ Station 3 (for small appliances / band switch) ▶ microwave 1 (three holes with switch)

  ▶ Sterilizer 1 (three holes with switch)

  ▶ Expert advice: the plug is disposed inside the cupboard, not only water but also beautiful.

  Fourth, restaurant

  Reserved Tip: 3

  ▶ a refrigerator (three holes with switch)

  ▶ dinner table 2

  ▶ Expert advice: plug may be provided in the table.

  Five bedroom

  Reserved Tip: 6

  ▶ bed on each side of a (phone / bedside lamp) ▶ ▶ TV 2 air conditioning 1 (three holes with switch)

  ▶ Computer 1 (three holes with switch)

  ▶ Expert advice: Use the ground, at the windows and be able to use the socket.

  Sixth, the study

  Reserved Tip: 3

  ▶ Computer 1 (three holes with switch); ▶ an air conditioning (three holes with switch); ▶ book a table (table lamp)

  ▶ Expert advice: Add USB plug, wifi and other functions within the socket.

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