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Home decoration LED indoor lighting configuration tips
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  Lamps in modern home is particularly important, a right lighting configuration enables practical, artistic, rationality do three combine to create a cozy family atmosphere. So when the home improvement how to configure the appropriate lighting, introduced one by one from below the actual application.

  1. The parlor living room is mainly used to receive guests place. Selection solemn, bright chandeliers or ceiling appropriate. If the room is high, it is appropriate incandescent chandelier or a large round chandelier, it will give the living room seem transparent, but not with all the downward distribution of light chandelier, while the upper space should also have a certain brightness to shrink up and down spatial luminance difference. If the room low ceiling plus floor lamp can be used, so that the living room seem bright and generous, with a sense of the times. Lamp shape and color should be coordinated with the living room furniture.

  2. Bedroom Bedroom can be equipped with several multi-lamp, recommended configurations ceiling lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps. Available wall lamps, floor lamps to replace the central interior dome light. Wall suitably low surface brightness diffuse material shade, so make the bedroom seem light and soft, conducive to rest, you can also install a hanging lamp in the room proper position, and then install a wall lamp bedside. This is a few lights to control, respectively, and the control switch design in the bed, which is more convenient.

  3. study Study lighting should be bright, soft to the principle of choice is white lamp is more appropriate. Desk lamp should be adapted to the nature of work and learning needs, should be selected with a reflector, the lower opening of the direct lamp, that is, work or writing desk lamp table lamp, table lamp light source commonly used incandescent, fluorescent or LED lamps. Bookcase can be equipped with a small spotlights, the lighting will not only help identify the title, but also to maintain the temperature, to prevent the books wet rot.

  4. Restaurant table required level of illumination, it is better to use the strong downward pull down the direct rays of the lamp or lamps to pull down the height of the height, location of the lamp on the table square 600-700 mm is generally positive at the table above. Shade suitably smooth surface of glass, plastic or metal material, in order to keep scrub. Floor lamp lighting can also be used in the vicinity of the wall can also be configured properly warm wall, when it would be dinner guests more lively atmosphere, and can increase appetite.

  5. kitchen, bathroom kitchen, bathroom and hallway ceiling is generally used, because these places need lighting brightness was small and large water vapor, dust, easy to clean with a ceiling. Kitchen fixtures can be installed in place to avoid vapor and smoke, to use glass or ceramic lamp, easy to scrub and corrosion. Washing room should be bright, soft lighting, and lighting to have the function of moisture and rust.

  With the LED light source applications more and more mature, the choice of lighting can also LED fluorescent tubes, spotlights, downlights and other LED lamps. LED lamps light softer and more energy-efficient, user can choose according to individual needs and preferences.

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