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How to choose cost-effective LED?
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  LED lighting Five Advantages

  One advantage: saving

  Two advantages: long life

  Three advantages: environmental health

  Four advantages: security

  Five advantages: full color changing and intelligent control

  Full-color changes, the controller can display vivid detail design and animation, by induction, dimming control technology to achieve intelligent lighting system control.

  Analyzing the merits of LED lighting products, look at the focus of the following aspects:

  1, the chip level (brand)

  2, packaging manufacturers

  3, thermal design (including heat sink material, heat dissipation structure, etc.)

  4, optical design

  5, power supply design

  Product competitive advantage

  First, choose a high standard chips and lights. LED chip is good or bad depends on the brightness bare grain, resistance to decay, antistatic ability, chip formation, no oxidation. Using SMD LED lamp beads, high brightness, high color rendering, color consistency and strong, light and soft.

  Color temperature consistency, long-term use, color temperature drift

  Effective control of the standard range.

  High color, is reduced according to the real thing is good.

  Second, excellent thermal design.

  Solve the heat problem is LED lighting product design core chip operating junction temperature control is not good, there will be large lumen, color temperature drift, short life and other adverse consequences. So the thermal design requirements must have a reasonable structure design, selection of quality materials, good processing.

  Third, the advanced optical system.

  Although the LED luminous efficiency is high, but if the arrangement mode and select the lens (or reflective cup) there is no way to design good, prone to flare poor uniformity, noise interference and other adverse effects in lamps with light and structural design has a strong technical background, professionally designed LED lamps to better meet user functional requirements.

  Fourth, the professional driver power supply design

  As can be seen from the left LED drive power direct impact on the normal life of the lamp, using high-quality imported electrolytic capacitors, professional circuit design, longer life.

  Can be seen from the right, up to 90% conversion efficiency, low power consumption, more energy efficient, effectively prevent the excessive consumption generates heat, does not affect the electrolytic capacitors, IC and other key electronic components used normally.

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